Kids Sunglasses for Girls

Puma Junior Kids Sunglasses PJ0052S-002 Blue Blue Lenses

Puma PJ0052S

Puma Junior Kids Sunglasses PJ0027S-010 Silver Burgundy Red Lens

Puma PJ0027S

Julbo Loop M J5332318 Childrens Sunglasses with Spectron 4 Lenses Pink/Purple

Julbo J533

Ray-Ban Junior RJ9647S Kids Sunglasses Gunmetal/Light Blue Petrol Green Lenses 200/82

Ray-Ban RJ9647S

Ray-Ban Junior RJ9068S Kids Sunglasses Black Green Lenses 100/71

Ray-Ban RJ9068S

Ray-Ban Junior Aviator Blaze Wayfarer RJ9548SN Sunglasses Sliver Blue Mirror Red Lenses 212/X0

Ray-Ban RJ9548SN

Ray-Ban Junior Blaze Doublebridge RJ9067SN Kids Sunglasses Transparent Pink Red Mirror Red Lenses 7052V0

Ray-Ban RJ9067SN

Ray-Ban Junior RJ9063S Kids Sunglasses Rubber Transparent Fuxia Dk Violet Lenses 705675

Ray-Ban RJ9063S

Puma Junior Kids Sunglasses PJ0039S-001 Black Grey Gradient Lens

Puma PJ0039S

Nano Solar Clip Pixel Kids Eyeglasses Raspberry/Green

Nano Vista Solar Clip Pixel

Nano Solar Clip Fangame Kids Eyeglasses Matte Purple/Lilac

Nano Vista Solar Clip Fangame

Nano Solar Clip Camper Kids Sunglasses Turquoise/Mint

Nano Vista Solar Clip Camper

Lacoste L3630S-424 Kid Sunglasses Matte Blue

Lacoste L3630S

Polaroid Childrens Polarized Sunglasses PLD 8031/S Polarized 0C9A Red

Polaroid PLD-8031/S

Polaroid Childrens Polarized  Sunglasses PLD 8030/S Polarized 0B3V Violet

Polaroid PLD-8030/S

Polaroid Childrens Sunglasses PLD 8035/S Polarized 0C9A Red

Polaroid PLD-8035/S

Polaroid Childrens Sunglasses PLD 8033/S Polarized 0MU1 Fuchsia

Polaroid PLD-8033/S

Polaroid Childrens Sunglasses PLD 8032/S Polarized 0C9A Red

Polaroid PLD-8032/S

Polaroid Kids PLD-8029/S Sunglasses Polarized 0AC48 Pink Red

Polaroid PLD-8029/S

Polaroid Kids PLD-8025/S Sunglasses Polarized 0003-M9 Matte Black/Gray

Polaroid PLD-8025/S

Polaroid Kids PLD-8020/S Sunglasses Polarized 0CYQ-AI Dark Pink/Brown Mirror

Polaroid PLD-8020/S

Polaroid Kids PLD-8020/S/SM Sunglasses Polarized 035J-M9 Pink/Grey

Polaroid PLD-8020/S/SM

Polaroid Kids PLD-8019/S Sunglasses Polarized  0CYQ-AI Dark Pink/Brown Mirror

Polaroid PLD-8019/S

Polaroid Kids PLD-8019/S/SM Sunglasses Polarized Pink/Gray 035J-M9

Polaroid PLD-8019/S/SM

Polaroid Kids PLD-8018/S Sunglasses Polarized Blue/Gray Blue Mirror 0ZDI-JY

Polaroid PLD-8018/S

Ray-Ban Junior Hexagonal RJ9541SN Kids Sunglasses Gold/Green Lenses 223/71

Ray-Ban RJ9541SN

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Specializing exclusively in baby sunglasses, toddler sunglasses and children sunglasses, discover the best designer shades for boys and girls at any age with or without a prescription. 

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For babies, we carry Julbo and Babiators. Julbo sunglasses reversible feature can be worn right side up or upside down. They offer a perfect hold with an elastic strap and designed with curved temples. 

Babiators aviator style are super soft with flexible rubber frames. If the sunglass is lost, they offer a Lost and Found Guarantee and will replace it. So make sure to register them.

Polaroid which was the original brand that invented polarized lenses, has retro wayfarer shape in contrasting colors in the front and temple. Your kids will be rocking in coolness!

Carrera, launched their kids sunglasses sunglasses and now they can be mini-me to mom and dad. Styles range from retro round style designs, pilot shape such as double bridge injected front and  will surely make a hit at school with their friends.

Besides the style and cool factor, kids should be wearing sunglasses when they are outdoors particularly in areas where there is a lot of sun throughout the year. Certain conditions such as cataracts in young eyes can worsen with excessive ultraviolet light (UV). Even though the cornea and the lens of the eyes are good protectors, children have a very clear lens. Therefore more UV light can filter in to their delicate eyes. 
Our Pediatric Ophthalmologist explains more about why children should be wearing sunglasses in this video:

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