Children have distinctive face shapes. Some frames work better with specific face shapes. The six basic face shapes are round, square, heart, diamond, triangular, and oval.

There are no hard and fast rules. If you find a frame you love, go for it. Almost no one has a perfectly round or square face, etcetera. These guidelines are meant to help bring balance to your child’s face, not restrict your choices.

Round Faces Girl with a round like face shape Round Faces

Round faces have an equally wide forehead and jawline. Angles are soft and cheekbones are usually wide. The perfect frames are usually rectangular with bold lines. Make sure the bottom of the frame hits just above the cheekbone.

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Square Faces Boy with a square like face shape Square Faces

Square faces have angular, bold features. The forehead is set in a straight line above the jaw. The best frames for this face shape are wider than the cheekbones and are slightly rounded to soften facial features. Color draws attention away from angles.

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Heart-Shaped Faces Girl with a heart like face shape Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faced are widest at the forehead and narrowest at the jawline. Cheekbones are usually high. Faces can be roundish or long. This face shape looks great in frames that have rounded bottoms and are slightly wider than the forehead.

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Diamond Faces Boy with diamond like face shape Diamond Faces

A diamond-shaped face is the rarest facial shape. The forehead and chin are narrow, but the cheekbones are wide and often dramatic. Oval frames and frames with a strong browline will draw attention to the eyes. This face can also handle oversized frames.

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Triangular Faces Girl with a triangle like face shape Triangular Faces

Triangular faces have wide jaws and narrow foreheads. Choose a frame that is bold on top and more delicate on the bottom. Round, cat-eye, and aviator styles all work well with this face shape. Light colors are also best.

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Oval Faces Boy with an oval like face shape Oval Faces

An oval face looks like an elongated circle. The forehead is slightly wider than the jaw. This face shape can wear almost any frame style, as long as the frames are as wide or wide than the widest part of the face. Color is always important.

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