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Dr. Roberto Warman is an experienced and highly regarded pediatric ophthalmologist, known for his compassionate and friendly approach. With a remarkable career that includes accolades such as the Presidential Award, he currently serves as the Director Emeritus at Nicklaus Children's Hospital

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What Our Customers Say

"Best Selection and Service! - As a parent, finding the perfect glasses for my toddler felt daunting until I visited this store. The selection of pediatric eyewear is unmatched, and the staff was incredibly knowledgeable and patient."

Monica Williams

"Highly Recommend for Kids! Fantastic experience! This store offers top-quality lenses and frames, making it easy to find durable and stylish options for my active 8-year-old. The customer service is excellent, with experts who understand exactly what kids need"

Carolina Capeletti

"Great for Sports Goggles - My daughter needed sports goggles for soccer, and we found the perfect pair here! The staff ensured a perfect fit, which has made all the difference in her games. It’s clear they care deeply about their young customers"

Malik Kan

"Wonderful Experience - I was impressed by the extensive range of kids' sunglasses at this store. The staff helped us choose a pair that not only looks good but also offers the best protection for my child's eyes. It’s our go-to place for all our eyewear needs. "

Gabriella Leon Ramirez

"Best Fit for Infants - It’s hard to find eyeglasses that fit infants well, but this website has a fantastic range. They help us over the phone to select the appropriate eyeglasses for our baby, it really shows that they have the expertise in fitting tiny customers. "

Mercy Dabady

"Top Quality and Service - We’ve visited several eyeglass stores, but none compared to the quality and service here. The lenses are top-notch, and the frames are built to last—important for kids! Plus, customer service is just what every parent hopes for. "

Isaac Yuken

"Expert Fitting and Advice - The team here is wonderful! They gave us expert advice on the best lenses and frames for our child’s specific needs. We didn’t know where to start the process of buying eyeglasses online and they made it so easy. We received our eyeglasses our son loves them!!"

Daniel Hardeman

"Best Swim Goggles Ever - We bought swim goggles with prescription that we didn’t know was possible. The fit is secure and comfortable, and she can see clearly under the water which makes swim lessons so much more enjoyable for my child. "

Enzo Lombardi

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of frames are recommended for toddlers?

    For toddlers, we recommend flexible, durable frames made from materials like silicone or soft plastics. These frames are designed to withstand the active lifestyle of young children, offering both comfort and resilience. Look for frames with a comfortable fit, adjustable straps, or bands to keep them securely in place. Additionally, we feature top brands like Nano Vista, Dilli Dalli, and Gizmo, known for their child-friendly and high-quality designs. Our collection combines style with practicality, ensuring your child enjoys both comfort and clear vision in frames from trusted brands.

  • Parents can ensure a frame fit correctly by checking a few key aspects:

    1. Bridge Fit: The frame should sit comfortably on the nose without sliding down.
    2. Eye Alignment: The child's eyes should be centered within the lens frames.
    3. Temple Length: The temples should extend straight back to the ears without bending.
    4. Comfort: The frame shouldn't pinch or leave marks on the nose or behind the ears.
    5. Stability: Frames should stay in place even when the child moves around actively.

    A well-fitted frame is crucial for comfort and effective vision correction.

  • Kids grow fast, and so do their vision needs. It's essential to remember that glasses are more than just a fashion statement; they're a crucial part of their everyday life. Frames that once fit perfectly can become too tight or too loose as they grow, leading to discomfort or even improper vision correction. Plus, with frequent prescription changes during these growing years, it's wise to reassess whether new lenses in the old frames will do the trick or if it's time for a completely new set of specs. Keeping up with these changes is key to ensuring your child's comfort and visual health.

  • This chart gives you an approximate range of sizes based on age, but these measurements can vary depending on the child’s complexion.

    Child's Age Eye Size Temple Length
    0-24 Months 34 -39 110 - 115
    2 - 4 Years 40 - 44 115 - 125
    4 - 6 Years 44 - 46 120 - 125
    6 - 8 Years 46 - 48 125 - 130
    8 - 10 Years 48 - 50 130 - 135

    You can use our Fit Wizard to find the best frames based on your child’s age and our expertise https://www.optiwow.com/fit-wizard

  • To keep glasses from falling off, ensure they fit well. This includes checking the frame's bridge size, arm length, and overall frame size. A snug, not tight, fit on the nose and behind the ears is crucial. Adjustable nose pads or earpieces can help. For active kids, consider straps or ear hooks for added security You can check our optigrips https://www.optiwow.com/products/accessories/optigrips/46643=optigrips-bkl221-eyeglasses-grips-crystal

    and sports bands (link to website page). Regular adjustments by an optician can maintain the right fit as your child grows and the frames experience wear and tear.

  • Having two pairs of glasses for your child can be beneficial. It provides backup in case one pair is broken, lost, or being repaired. Additionally, having a spare pair ensures that your child's vision needs are continuously met without interruption, which is crucial for their daily activities and overall eye health. It can also be practical to have different pairs for different activities, like a sturdy pair for sports and a standard pair for everyday use.

  • For special needs children, brands like Specs4us, Nano Vista, and Dilli Dalli are often recommended. These brands specialize in creating durable, flexible, and comfortable frames that are well-suited for children with special needs. They offer features like hypoallergenic materials, no metal parts, and adjustable bands, making them safe and secure options. The choice depends on the specific needs and preferences of your child, including fit, comfort, and style.