Miraflex vs Dilli Dalli

Miraflex vs Dilli Dalli
As you must have found out by now Miraflex has exited the market. The brand was purchased by The Luxottica Group in 2021 and has decided not to continue selling the Brand for now. So, you are probably asking yourself what are my options?
Fortunately, there are a few great brands out there that work as well or even better than Miraflex. Remember that some of the issues with the Miraflex Brand was that some parents complained that the lenses hit the eyelashes, or that the lenses fogged all the time, and the most common complaint was that the lenses popped out constantly.
With the brands we will be discussing your child will not be experiencing any of these issues.
Dilli Dalli
Dilli Dalli kids’ eyeglasses are extremely flexible but a bit more rigid than Miraflex, so this doesn’t allow the lenses to pop out easily. They use a proprietary IntelliFlex hinge that maintains the original position of the frame, so it maintains its form. This allows for less adjustments and makes the frame more durable.
Like with Miraflex they have no small parts or sharp edges making them very safe for the little ones.
Dilli Dalli frames and hypoallergenic as were Miraflex.
Dilli Dalli frames are designed with a wide nose bridge, and this is important because babies and toddlers have wide undeveloped nose bridge and it’s important that the eyeglasses sit well and don’t allow extra pressure on their nose. Also, this design prevents the lenses from fogging or hitting the eyelashes unlike Miraflex.
Dilli Dalli eyeglasses don’t come in as many color options as Miraflex but they have some basic nice colors to choose from.
Like with other brands there are some styles that fit better then others so here are our favorite styles:


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