Dilli Dalli Snuggles Kids Eyeglasses Powder Pink


Manufacture Dilli Dalli
Style Snuggles
Frame Color Description Powder Pink
Frame Color Code Powder Pink
Frame Material Rubber
Frame Shape Round

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SKU Snuggles-Powder Pink

Dilli Dalli Snuggles Kids Eyeglasses Powder Pink

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Dilli Dalli Snuggles Kids Eyeglasses Powder Pink

Product Description for Dilli Dalli Snuggles

Dilli Dalli Genius, Innovation, Style! Created to meet the needs of both parents and little kids ages 3 to 8 years. The Dilli Dalli pediatric eyewear collection offers unsurpassed durability, a comfortable fit, and adorable style. Revolutionizing the world of pediatric eyewear through its innovative Intelliflex technology, this advanced collection delivers both fashion and function.  Dilli Dalli Snuggles Powder Pink will be a great choice for your child.

How to measure a kid's pupilary distance?
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Dilli Dalli Snuggles Kids Eyeglasses Powder Pink
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$69.00 $85

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Product Description for 
Dilli Dalli Snuggles
BPA Free, Rubber Free, Latex Free & Hypo-Allergenic.
Recommended for ages 2 to 4 years old. 
Available in eye size 40 and 42 
Suitable for both boys and girls.
Full rim, round shape.
 Available in many different colors to suit your child’s personality.
Includes a matching strap to ensure correct and secure fit.
Can hold up to a +/- 28 lens prescription.
Authorized Dealer. 
Includes a case with a cleaning cloth.

Brand: Dilli Dalli 
Model: Snuggles
Product ID: 886453587639

Published on Jul 20, 2015

Dilli Dalli eyewear, available from ClearVision Optical, is proud to present Red's Big Day, an animated depiction of the children's book of the same title. Red, one of the (bird) faces behind the Dilli Dalli collection, tries out for his school's flying team, when he finds out he needs glasses. It's a great story for little ones who are wary about wearing glasses. Glasses are cool!