Miraflex Glasses, Frames, and Eyeglasses

Miraflex is a brand of kids eyeglasses made in Italy with over 20 years in the market, is the most recognized brand in the infant and toddler eyeglass segment.

Miraflex frames are the original rubber-like flexible frames that started it all.  This kids glasses are practically indestructible with temples that flex out and withstand the rough and tough play of a child.  Anatomical designed to fit and contour most bridges. This will help support the weight of the frame causing little stress to the developing bridge.  Metal free and Hypo-allergenic materials makes it an easy choice. 

Available in many styles, sizes and colors that will grow with your child and their needs. Each frame comes with a matching elastic band that will assure your child to wear the frames properly minimizing that “sneak peek” over the glasses and allowing your child to get the best part of the prescription and visual development.

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