iGreen V4.46-C054M Kids Eyeglasses Matt Light Blue/Matte White


Manufacture iGreen
Style V4.46
Frame Color Description Matt Light Blue/Matt White
Frame Color Code C054M
Frame Material Eco Friendly
Frame Shape Rectangular

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Superior Optics

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SKU V4.46-C04M

iGreen V4.46-C054M Kids Eyeglasses Matt Light Blue/Matte White


iGreen V4.46-C054M Kids Eyeglasses Matt Light Blue/Matte White

Product Description for iGreen V 4.46

iGreen kids frames, a unique product line made in Italy that combines style and technology in an unprecedented collection! The new and revolutionary polymer material at its core gives it flexibility, lightness and resistance which have never before been seen, offering sensational comfort. Each iGreen style fits perfectly, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort, even when wearing it all day. iGreen V4.46 -C054M Matt Light Blue/Matt White will be a fantastic choice for your child.

How to measure a kid's pupilary distance?
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iGreen V4.46-C054M Kids Eyeglasses Matt Light Blue/Matte White
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Product Description for
iGreen V4.46 made in Italy, combines the latest technology and design. Made out of polymer at its core makes these frames flexible, light and resistant.
iGreen weighs only 5 grams, your child will not notice that they are wearing it.
Despite its lightness and flexibility i Green is durable and resilient, the ideal companion for your child’s everyday life.
iGreen styles are anatomically designed to fit most nose bridge’s.
Recommended for ages 6 to 10 years old.
Suitable for  boys and girls.
Designed with the active child in mind. 
Full rim rectangular shape.
 Available in many different colors and shapes to complement your child’s personality. 
Can hold up very strong lens prescriptions.
 Authorized Dealer. 
Includes a case. 

Brand: iGreen 
Model: iGreen V4.46-C054M
Product ID:8033852137312