Nano Fanboy Blue Block Yellow Lens Clip Crystal White


Manufacture Nano Vista
Style Fanboy NAOBB27 Blue Block Clip
Frame Shape Rectangular
Frame Color Description
Frame Color Code NAOBB27
Frame Material Plastic

What Makes Optiwow Lenses So Much Better?

Superior Optics

We use digital, or surfaced, lenses instead of standard stock lenses. Digital lenses are cut for each prescription. They cost more, but provide better clarity and minimal edge-to-edge distortion.

We use aspheric instead of spherical lenses. Aspheric lenses reduce magnification, so you don't get a fishbowl effect. They are thinner and lighter. And they provide better optical quality with less blur.


Nano Fanboy Blue Block Yellow Lens Clip Crystal White


Nano Fanboy Blue Block Yellow Lens Clip Crystal White

Product Description for Nano Solar Clip Fanboy

This clip can only be used with selected Fanboy frames designed with magnets, will not work with the regular Fanboy frame collection.

How to measure a kid's pupilary distance?

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Product Description for 
Nano Fanboy Blue Block Yellow Lens Clip 

This Clip can only be used for Nano eyeglasses that already have the magnets on them from the Sunclip collection.

Designed to Block Blue Light coming from screens.
Lenses are made with the best Blue Block Technology.
This new clip-on turns your child's prescription glasses into Blue Light blocking glasses that will help prevent insomnia, red eyes..
Nanoprotect glasses are specially designed to protect the visual health of children
Nano Blue Block Clip are also Anti-Reflective
The yellow lenses block up to 30 times more than other lenses in the market.
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Brand: Nano Vista Block Blue 
Model: NAOBB27
Product ID: 8435648702818