Opti+ Eyeglasses Cords 022 Red


Manufacture Opti+
Style OPX225022
Frame Color Description Red
Frame Color Code 022
Frame Material
Frame Shape

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Superior Optics

We use digital, or surfaced, lenses instead of standard stock lenses. Digital lenses are cut for each prescription. They cost more, but provide better clarity and minimal edge-to-edge distortion.

We use aspheric instead of spherical lenses. Aspheric lenses reduce magnification, so you don't get a fishbowl effect. They are thinner and lighter. And they provide better optical quality with less blur.

SKU OPX225022

Opti+ Eyeglasses Cords 022 Red

$8.00 $10

Opti+ Eyeglasses Cords 022 Red

Product Description for Opti+ Eyeglasses Cords

Opti+ Eyeglasses Cords specially designed for kids in fun colors. Will help kids keep their eyeglasses with them so they don't misplace them. Opti+ Cords 022 Red come with a non slip rubber tip will secure the cord to the temples, and an adjustable slider. Opti+ Eyeglasses CordsOPX225022 Red   will be the perfect complement for your child's frames. 

How to measure a kid's pupilary distance?
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$8.00 $10


  Product Description for 

   Opti+ Eyeglasses Cords OPX225022 Red are a great complement for any frame

   Suitable for both girls and boys.

   Designed with the active child in mind.

   Available in different colors.

Brand: Opti+

Model: OPX225022

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