Julbo J73812134 Eyeglasses Atmo Ski Goggle Kids Red Translucent
Julbo J73812114 Eyeglasses Atmo Ski Goggle Kids White/Orange
Julbo J73812146 Eyeglasses Atmo Ski Goggle Kids Black

Julbo J73812134 Eyeglasses Atmo Ski Goggle Kids Red Translucent

SKU J73812134

Product Description for Julbo Eyeglasses Atmo J73812134 Ski Goggle Kids 

Julbo doesn’t make little products-even for little ones. Products like Atmo are here to prove it. The Junior Atmo Julbo consists of ergonomic goggles for kids of all ages, designed to be worn comfortably with helmets in order to achieve complete protection and performance. If looking for a Ski goggle for your child look no further than J73812134 Atmo Ski Goggle Kids Red Translucent.

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Julbo Atmo stays ahead of the competition with its creation of the first “big lens” goggle for juniors. This avant-garde goggle with its Minimalist Frame has a wide field of vision. 
Offers outstanding facial hold.
Shape allows perfect compatibility with helmets. 
Has a Mini-cap, a special chasis shape that protects the spherical lens and stops it from being scratched. 
Recommended for ages 4 to 8 years old. 
Suitable for both girls and boys. 
Designed with the active child in mind. 
Available in 3 different colors. 

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Brand: Julbo 
Model: J73812134
Product ID:3660576277533

Specifications product specifications

Manufacture Julbo
Style Atmo J73812134
Frame Shape
Frame Color Description Red Translucent
Frame Color Code Red Translucent
Frame Material