Nano Vista Kids Glasses

Nano Breakout Kids Eyeglasses Matte Navy/Blue

Nano Vista Breakout

Nano Camper Kids Eyeglasses Crystal Raspberry/Raspberry

Nano Vista Camper

Nano Cool NAO2030143 Chat Children's Glasses Navy/White/Yellow

Nano Vista Chat

Nano Clipping Kids Glasses Crystal Violet/Purple

Nano Vista Clipping

Nano Glow Crew Kids Eyeglasses Crystal Navy/Fuchsia/Glowing Blue

Nano Vista Glow Crew

Nano Glow Fangame Kids Eyeglasses Crystal Navy/Glowing Yellow

Nano Vista Glow Fangame

Nano Cool NAO2010144 Follower Children's Glasses Black/Grey

Nano Vista Follower

Nano Glow Camper Kids Eyeglasses Matte Pink/Glowing Pink

Nano Vista Glow Camper

Nano Gaikai Kids Eyeglasses Crystal Red/Black

Nano Vista Gaikai

Nano Glitch Kids Eyeglasses Crystal Navy/Green

Nano Vista Glitch

Nano NAO56346 Out Line Kids Eyeglasses Burgundy/Burgundy Eye Size 46-17 (6-8 Years)

Nano Vista Out Line

Nano Baby Eyeglasses Birdie Lilac

Nano Vista Nano Baby Birdie

Nano Baby Eyeglasses Kitten Lilac

Nano Vista Nano Baby Kitten

Nano Glow Replay Kids Eyeglasses Crystal Red/Glowing Green

Nano Vista Glow Replay

Nano Baby Eyeglasses Bunny Crystal Red/Red

Nano Vista Nano Baby Bunny

Nano Baby Eyeglasses Puppy Purple/Lilac

Nano Vista Nano Baby Puppy

Nano Baby Eyeglasses Joey Crystal Red/Red

Nano Vista Nano Baby Joey

Nano Pixel Children's Glasses Crystal Raspberry/Green

Nano Vista Pixel

Nano Power Up Children's Glasses Satin Black/Blue

Nano Vista Power Up

Nano Gran Turismo Kids Eyeglasses Crystal Blue Tortoise Shell/Black

Nano Vista Gran Turismo

Nano Mimi Girls Eyeglasses Crystal Black/Raspberry

Nano Vista Mimi

Nano Cool NAO2080144 Post Children's Glasses Garnet/Blue

Nano Vista Post

Nano Cool NAO2090144 Like Children's Glasses Grey/Red

Nano Vista Like

Nano Glow Pixel Kids Eyeglasses Pink Glow

Nano Vista Glow Pixel

Nano Glow Power Up Kids Eyeglasses Black/Pink Glow

Nano Vista Glow Power Up

Nano Quest Kids Eyeglasses Satin Black/Turquoise

Nano Vista Quest

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Backed up by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist, we know how important it is for kids to have glasses that are not only stylish but for the development of vision, development of the brain and of the eye alignment. For these reasons, it is important that they are well fitted and that children get the best possible results with their prescription eyeglasses. 

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The kids glasses we sell at Optiwow are all recognized top designer brand names that cater to manufacturing top quality kids glasses. We specialize in fitting kids of all ages groups from infants to toddlers to preteens and teens.
All the kids frames can be purchased with superior poly-carbonateprescription lenses that include UV and anti-scratch protection with the option of transition lenses and AR anti-reflective coating. All our lenses are manufactured from scratch at a state of the art Optical lab facility.

On average, most opticals see one child for every 20 adults. So they cater to adults in the type of frames and amount of frames. We specialize exclusively in children’s glasses.  When fitting a child, they have totally different proportions compared to adults in the size of their eyes. Additionally, their noses are not fully developed and a special type of frame is required so they stay on properly.
Unlike an adult, when fitting a small child with prescription glasses, they may not be aware of what they are supposed to see. Therefore, quality is very important. With decades of experience with children, we can see a picture of your child and can determine what is the best fit based on the shape and size of their face. As you browse our website to find the best style you like, send us a picture of your child and we can give you feedback and suggestions based on the frame of their face.
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