Nano Indestructible IN10-C1 Children's Glasses Light Brown/Blue


Manufacture Nano Indestructible
Style IN10
Frame Shape Rectangular
Frame Color Description Light Brown/Blue
Frame Color Code IN10-C1
Frame Material Titanium

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Superior Optics

We use digital, or surfaced, lenses instead of standard stock lenses. Digital lenses are cut for each prescription. They cost more, but provide better clarity and minimal edge-to-edge distortion.

We use aspheric instead of spherical lenses. Aspheric lenses reduce magnification, so you don't get a fishbowl effect. They are thinner and lighter. And they provide better optical quality with less blur.


Nano Indestructible IN10-C1 Children's Glasses Light Brown/Blue


Nano Indestructible IN10-C1 Children's Glasses Light Brown/Blue

Product Description for Nano Indestructible IN10

is a new line of children's prescription glasses designed in Spain using the latest technology. Nano Indestructible Frames Collection are made of Titanium Alloy material bringing a new generation of flexible metal technology to this collection. Nano Indestructible not only offers extreme flexibility and durability with fashion forward designs. Great choice if you are looking for something light and durable Nano Indestructible IN10-C1 Light Brown/Blue  will make a great transition or second pair for Nano Vista fans that want to remain fashionistas.

How to measure a kid's pupilary distance?
Nano Indestructible IN10-C1 Children's Glasses Light Brown/Blue
Nano Indestructible IN10-C2 Children's Glasses Mint/Bronze
Nano Indestructible IN10-C3 Children's Glasses Light Blue/Red

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Introducing The New Nano Vista Indestructible Kids Eyeglasses, crafted with cutting edge titanium alloy material. 

These remarkable glasses offer a host of benefits for your child: 
1- Unrivaled Durability: Nano Vista’s titanium alloy ensures these eyeglasses are virtually indestructible, capable of withstanding the most active young lifestyles. 
2- Lightweight Comfort: Your child will enjoy all day comfort thanks to the lightweight nature of these glasses, making them easy to wear and forget about. 
3- Stylish Design: Designed with kids in mind, these eyeglasses combine durability with a stylish look that your child will love. 
4- Long lasting Investment: Nano Vista eyeglasses are built to last, saving you money on replacements. 
5- An Unconditional 3 Year Warranty: offers parents piece of mind.

Choose Nano Vista's Indestructible Kids Glasses for a reliable and stylish eyewear solution that can keep up with your child's active lifestyle.