Rec Specs Liberty Sport  Z8-Y70 Kids Indesctructible Eyeglasses Translucent Blue/Powder Blue #599

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Rec Specs Liberty Sport  Z8-Y70 Kids Indesctructible Eyeglasses Translucent Red/Lime #720
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SKU Z8-Y70 599

Rec Specs Liberty Sport Z8-Y70 Kids Indesctructible Eyeglasses Translucent Blue/Powder Blue #599

Product Description for Liberty Sport Z8-Y70 Eyeglasses

Liberty Sport Z8-Y70 Kids Eyeglasses are design to be almost indestructible and are made to be worn by active youth as their daily ophthalmic frame. Tough enough to be bent, twisted, stomped and dropped, these frames are made to stand the test of time and kids. 

Eye 47 Bridge 15 Temple 125 B 34
Eye 51 Bridge 16 Temple 125 B 37

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Product Description for Rec Specs Liberty Sport Z8-Y70

Rec Specs Liberty Sport known for protective sports goggles has designed a line of kid’s eyeglasses for everyday use. Using all their expertise they have created an almost indestructible frame so kids can were in there daily activities. Z8-Y20 Eyeglasses are NOT certified to be used as Sports Protective eyewear. Tired of replacing your kid’s eyeglasses because they break too easy? Rec Specs Liberty Sport Z8-Y70 in Translucent Blue/Powder Blue will save you lots of headaches.


Product Description 


Liberty Sport Z8-Y70 is made out of flexible Nylo-Flex™material making them an unbreakable kid’s frame. 

Hypoallergenic material, dual-layer, injected bonded construction throughout making it very tough.

Hinges have a cantilever design for reinforced strength and no-maintenance.

The Pros.

  1. Indestructible
  2. No maintenance required
  3. Light weight

Frame’s Anatomy

Liberty Sport Z8-Y70  is a full rimrectangular frame with a saddle nose bridge. A saddle bridge is designed to contour the nose bridge. This frame balances the weight of the frame works well for those who are sensitive to pressure. Temples wrap nicely to prevent frames from slipping.

The Pros.

  1. Frames stay in place
  2. Very Comfortable
  3. Adjustable temples

Activities that can be performed with:

  • Active pre teen & teen
  • Great for playtime

Not recommended for any contact sport (please refer to sports goggles)

* we recommend these frames to be complemented with Transition® Prescription Lenses and Polycarbonate Lenses


It’s a great option for parents that are used to buying the Miraflex frames and now want to try something different.

Frame Sizes

Rec Specs Liberty Sport Z8-Y70 come in two sizes 47 & 51; we recommend them for kid’s ages 8 to 13 years old.

Color Options

Liberty Sport Z8-Y70 kid’s eyeglasses are available in four different colors so your child will be able to find his top pic frame to rock.


What is included?

Liberty Sport Z8-Y70 kid’s glasses include a case, and cleaning cloth

Optiwow is an exclusive authorized dealer for Rec Specs® Liberty Sport.  We only carry the most current Liberty Sport frames; we do not sell any discontinued products.

Parents should also consider:

PremiumQuality Lenses to complete their frame selection for their child; here is what Optiwow recommends:

PolycarbonateLenses for kids; they are impact resistant which means that lenses won’t shatter upon impact. They are also 30% thinner and lighter than plastic. Also all polycarbonate lenses have UV Protection that blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays just the same concept of putting sunscreen for protection when going to any outdoor activity.

If the power on your child’s eyeglass prescription is higher than +/- 3 we recommend upgrading to an Aspheric Lens that will give them a better optics and a thinner appearance.

We highly recommend Anti-Reflective (AR) coating it eliminates the glare so making those pictures/selfies look great and enhances the facial expression. Also helps reduces eye straining and given the amount of time that kids spent looking at electronic devices this will help with the eye fatigue. Because of the super hydrophobic properties in the material it also makes it easier to clean, and with children this is a plus.

* Transition Lenses® are also an awesome feature to add because it’s like having two pairs of glasses in one. They seamlessly change color when your children are outdoors helping them feel more comfortable in the bright sun and become crystal clear when back indoors and at night time.

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Manufacture Liberty Sport
Style Z8-Y70
Frame Shape Rectangular
Frame Color Description Translucent Blue/Powder Blue
Frame Color Code #599
Frame Material Plastic

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