Ortopad® Bamboo Boys Junior Eye Patches for Kids 50/Box

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Ortopad® Bamboo Girls Junior Eye Patches for Kids 50/Box
Ortopad® Bamboo Boys Regular Eye Patches for Kids 50/Box
Ortopad® Bamboo Girls Regular Eye Patches for Kids 50/Box
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Ortopad® Bamboo Boys Junior Eye Patches for Kids 50/Box

Product Description for Ortopad® Bamboo Boys Junior Eye Patches

Ortopad® kids eye patches are used to treat different medical eye conditions in children, such as amblyopia. These children’s eyepatches are made out of a special bamboo fabric material they are hypo-allergenic and less abrasive to the delicate skin around the eyes. These eye patches comes in different prints that will make them appealing to your child.
Prints may vary from image.


Product Description for Ortopad® Bamboo Eye Patches

Ortopad® Bamboo Eye Patches are specially designed for occlusion therapy to treat medical eye conditions in infants and children such as amblyopia (lazy eye). These eye patches are made in the USA. 

Product Description for

Ortopad® Bamboo Eye Patches are made out of bamboo breathable material.

They are latex free and hypo-allergenic.

The soft fabric is less abrasive to the delicate skin around the eyes, and easy to remove.

The sticky adhesive makes it stay on in moist conditions such as tears, humidity, pools and bath.

Contains a special black layer light protection inlay, assuring maximum shielding from light that provides total occlusion to maximize the therapeutically benefits.

Available in two sizes:

Junior is recommended for ages 0 to 4 Years, patch measures 2-5/8” x 2”

Regular is recommended for ages 4 to 8 Years, patch measures 3-5/8” x 2-1/4”.

Come in different fun prints specially designed for girls and boys. Prints may vary from image.

Each box includes 50 eye patches.

Recommendations for Parents:

Please follow your eye doctor’s instructions

To apply eye patches:

  • Clean and thoroughly dry the eye area where patch is to be applied with mild soap and water only,
  • Remove the paper backing from eye patch.
  • To prevent pulling, ask child to close both eyes in a relaxed manner without squinting.
  • Align eye patch over eye to be treated, the narrow portion pointing towards the nose.
  • Gently press adhesive edges to the skin, making sure not to pull the skin.
  • Change eye patch after every use.

To remove eye patch:

  • Begin at the nose side (narrow part); loosen the outer edges of the patch.
  • Using a slow motion, peel patch towards the ear, keeping it close to the skin surface and pulled back over itself.
  • If needed, gently press the eyelid away from the eye patch.
  • Removing eye patch at an angle will pull the skin and might increase skin redness and irritation.
  • Keep patches in a cool dry place away from heat.

In the rare occurrence of mild skin irritation or allergic reaction we recommend cleaning and drying the area and applying Maalox, Mylanta or Milk of Magnesium and letting it dry and then applying the patch.

Manufacture Ortopad®
Style Ortopad® JBoys
Frame Shape
Frame Color Description Bamboo
Frame Color Code Boys
Frame Material

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Excellent product! EricaPearl

Excellent product! My kid is always excited to see what pattern is up everyday! They are breathable and comfortable! I’m very satisfied!

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