Buying eyeglasses for children can be an overwhelming experience. Optiwow facilitates your consideration of four different factors to help you make the best choice:
1. Frame size We have pre-selected a range of frames by age based on average child sizes. If your child is larger or smaller than average for his or her age, adjust the age accordingly to ensure a good fit. 
2. Eyeglass Prescription Strong prescriptions (those above a (+) or (-) 3.00 will likely require thick lenses. Full rim plastic or metal frames will help to disguise the lens thickness. You might also consider upgrading to a thinner lens. 
3. Frame Style Select a frame style that will complement and reflect your child’s personality. Your child will feel good about wearing their glasses and will be more likely to wear them. 
4. Frame Materials There are many different options and colors available, including plastic, flexible plastic, metal, flexible metal, titanium, hypoallergenic, rubber, wood, and even goggles for sports.