Kids By Safilo Glasses Eyeglasses at Optiwow
Kids By Safilo Glasses Eyeglasses at Optiwow

Kids By Safilo Glasses, Frames, and Eyeglasses

Kids by Safilo eyeglass Brand is designed and produced in Italy. This brand was designed with the input and advice of experts in the medical field of Pediatric Ophthalmology. Their knowledge and advice help design kids glasses that work for different age groups.

Some of the expertise brought on to the design of the kids eyeglasses are:

  • The field of vision is big enough to correct different eyeglass prescriptions.
  • The bridge design is made to sit well on the undeveloped noses of infants and toddlers.
  • he temples wrap correctly around the face, keeping the frame snugged to the face.

Kids by Safilo kids eyeglass collection is designed for infants, toddlers and tweens.
Ranging from eye size 39 to 43 or 0 to 8 years old.
Kids by Safilo also offers a clip-on sunglass in some of their styles. This clip-ons are made of high quality Polarized Lenses for optimal UV protection.

Kids By Safilo Sa0008 Eyeglasses Violet Green 00B2

Kids By Safilo Sa0008

Kids By Safilo Sa0007 Eyeglasses Violet Green 00B2

Kids By Safilo Sa0007

Kids By Safilo Sa0005/N Eyeglasses Blue Yellow 0DCD

Kids By Safilo Sa0005/N

Kids By Safilo Sa0004/N Liliac 0789

Kids By Safilo Sa0004/N

Kids By Safilo Sa0003/N Eyeglasses Blue Grey 0XW0

Kids By Safilo Sa0003/N

Kids By Safilo Sa0002 Eyeglasses Crystal White Lilac 0GUC

Kids By Safilo Sa0002

Kids By Safilo Sa0001 Eyeglasses Crystal Lilac Violet 0I72

Kids By Safilo Sa0001

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