Doctor's recommeded

Optiwow works closely with the world renowned Pediatric Ophthalmologist Roberto Warman that has been in practice for over 30 years. We understand the importance of how visual development affects the overall growth of children. Selecting glasses that are not appropriately fit to the child’s face contour can affect the therapeutic benefit of the glasses prescribed, as they can slide off their faces, if they are looking above or below the glasses they are not getting the appropriate effect.

The appearance of the glasses can also affect the child’s cooperation on wearing them and having something that enhances them empowers them to want to use them and make them feel good. The reason we mention all this is that the majority of brick and mortar and online opticals do not specialize in infants and kids eyewear and do not offer enough of a selection and knowledge to be able to accomplish all it takes to get the appropriate frames.

Another very important issue is the quality of the lenses. Children should only wear Polycarbonate Lenses this is by far the safest material because they don’t shatter. But there are many qualities of Polycarbonate Lenses buying a very cheap one can cause aberrations making the image quality not as sharp and this will affect the vision development as well. At Optiwow we offer a onetime one year warranty in our lenses because we know kids are rough and no matter what type of scratch resistance treatment they have chances are they will scratch.

Because Dr Warman understands the complexity of putting kids in eyeglasses he knows that in Optiwow we follow a very high standard process and quality. All our orders are inspected by a team of dedicated Pediatric Opticians that make sure that all orders are 100% accurate.