ANTIREFELCTIVE COATING: also known as AR coating or none-glare coating. This type of lens treatment reduces reflections of light from the front surface of the lens and eliminates reflections from the back surface of the lens; this allows more light to pass through the lenses. This helps improve the vision and also makes them cosmetically more appealing by making them nearly invisible so people can see the eyes appearance and facial expressions more clearly. They also provide better vision for night driving and more comfortable vision for computer use and reading. 
UV PROTECTION: Adding an ultra-violet protective coating to your lenses helps protect your child's eyes from the damaging exposure to ultraviolet sun rays thought to be the cause of certain eye.
SCRATCH COATING: also known as “hard coat”. This treatment is applied to the front and back surfaces of lenses to protect against accidental scratching. Kid’s lenses especially benefit from scratch resistant coating but it is important to understand that no coating can make lenses completely scratch proof. Most eyeglasses lenses in today’s market have a built in scratch resistant coating.