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  • Buying Glasses For Children

    Buying glasses for children can be an overwhelming experience. Optiwow facilitates your consideration of four different factors to help you make the best choice.

    1. Frame Size We have pre-selected a range of frames by age based on average child sizes. If your child is larger or smaller than average for his or her age, adjust the age accordingly to ensure a good fit.

    2. Eyeglass Prescription Strong prescriptions (those above a (+) or (-) 3.00) will likely require thick lenses. Full rim plastic or metal frames will help to disguise the lens thickness. You might also consider upgrading to a thinner lens.

    3. Frame Style Select a frame style that will complement and reflect your child's personality. Your child will feel good about wearing their glasses and will be more likely to wear them.

    4. Frame Materials There are many different options and colors available, including plastic, flexible plastic, metal, flexible metal, titanium, hypoallergenic, rubber, wood, and even goggles for sports.

  • Buying Glasses at Optiwow

    5 simple steps

    STEP 1
    Select from the menu in the top bar for the category you are shopping for: opticals, sunwear, specialty glasses, accessories or lenses. All the options available for those categories will appear. You can filter by gender, age, color or brand.

    Select your choice of frame and then select the size

    You can buy the frames without lenses or add lenses. If adding lenses just follow the steps. Let us know what type of lenses and treatment you would like. There is an explanation on each item you select be sure to read them.

    Once you have submitted your order, fax, email or text your child's prescription.

    STEP 5
    Ready for checkout

    Leave the rest to us at OPTIWOW. We will make sure your child's lenses are fulfilled correctly and promptly.

  • Fitting Guide
  • Need a Pediatric Ophthalmologist?

    If your child needs a pediatric ophthalmologist, we recommend consulting AAPOS directory. AAPOS is the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. The organization advances the quality of children's eye care, helps train pediatric ophthalmologists and supports research in pediatric ophthalmology.

    AAPOS members are ophthalmologists certified in the United States or Canada who are in good standing with their respective national ophthalmology organization. AAPOS members have completed one year of additional training in an AAPOS approved program in pediatric ophthalmology or strabismus.

    To find a Pediatric Ophthalmologist in your area click here